Users psychology observations based UI/UX and Data analytics leads towards a consistent growth of Digital Products (Mobile and Web Applications):

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Abstract: This is to share my practical experience gained from executions of small to large scale applications at different roles. I am focused on producing articles focused on practical implementation of different aspects of digital products development rather than philosophies which may not only help IT Professionals from similar fields and stakeholders to bridge the gaps in their strategy but equally helpful for myself for the improvisation on receiving comments and feedback.

In personality psychology, personality traits play a central role in describing a person. This topic has also been found to be of vital importance in computing. Several studies have been recently conducted on personality traits and their relationship to the use of Internet and forms of social media such as Youtube, blogs, Facebook and other social networks. Since mobile phones also mediate social interactions, phone usage could reflect an individual’s personality.

The ability to draw connections between behavioral aspects derived through contextual data collected by mobile phones, as well as personality, could lead to designing and applying machine learning methods to classify users into per- sonality types. Such understanding could be used in various ways. For instance, prior research has shown that personality is linked to user interface preferences, like the surface color of an application.

  1. Performing user research by capturing the user experience: no guesswork required, record interactions with your product: their screen touches, clicks, even their face and voice. It will help you understanding the user behavior (run tests on major platforms) to build a picture of how people experience your product.

2. Creating contact forms, online surveys and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and payments you need.

3. Putting in place a proper strategy and improvisation procedures for; remote usability testsscreen sharingrecruiting users, capturing in-site feedback and sending out online surveys.

4. Quick testing of your newly updated design or application to test where users would click. See and share clear and actionable reports after test among upper management, technical team lead, UI/UX designer etc and revise the design/layout accordingly.

5. Collecting real time app utilization and other structured/unstructured form of Data to put in through Data Mining process (Data Analytics) as an input for BI Analytics and Reports which may help Sorting out monetization opportunities through advertising and new features (B2B and B2C).

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