Statistical and Analytical based actions always drive more audience to your Web and Mobile applications

Achieving world-class user experience; By providing real-time and high value offers, customizable profiles with rich information.

Data Mining and Demographics availability of the application;

  • Collecting real-time utilization for Data Mining process as an input for BI Analytics and Reports.
  • Providing access of demographics related to the real estate companies to achieve more effectiveness.
  • Sorting out monetization opportunities through advertising and features (B2B/B2C).

Big Data and Entities relationship analysis of an application;

End-users: Saved search options and dynamic content against logged user behavior accompanied with related offers yields into consistent utilization.

Application: Real estate companies demographics study based approach improve existing companies satisfaction and helped us closing in new deals faster. Whereas, end-users analytics based statistical approach creates monetization opportunities.

Merchants/Inventory or Service Providers: Understanding of demographics helps understanding the usage complexity of features like managing listings and leads. Real-time user tracking enables performance based economics and redemption to order tracking provides quantifiable ROI.